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Volunteers — Mark Your Calendars Now!

The Volunteer Breakfast will be held April 18th from 7:30-9:00 am in the cafeteria. This is a chance for Brockman staff to thank our amazing volunteers! Please plan to join us!

FAB Art Auction – Volunteers Needed

Hello parents! Hopefully, you’ve already marked your calendars for Friday, April 27th, for a spectacular evening celebrating our school, families, and arts programs at the Rockbridge Swim & Tennis Club. We are looking for 20 individuals who are willing to step up now to help us acquire fun and desirable prizes for our art auction. We are so fortunate to live in a generous community where many businesses will participate, if asked. When everyone does a little, we have a fantastic arts fundraiser. We challenge you to make a meaningful contribution to Brockman by being a part of the acquisition team.

We will be meeting in the cafeteria on Friday, February 16th, at 7:30 am to discuss plans. Please come and share your ideas for the auction. We need you!!

Other ways you can help.

  • Did you know your unused/gently used luxury items such as unused wedding presents, mom’s sterling, a designer purse could bring in money for our school? Please consider donating unused valuables in yours or a family member’s home.
  • Do you have a special talent or skill that others would appreciate? Can you bake fancy cakes or gourmet food items? Develop landscaping plans? Paint a room? Make jewelry? Photograph children? Teach a craft? Please consider donating your services.

Acquisition forms are located in the front foyer of the school. Turn one in to your child’s teacher today!

Contact Kirby Speas at 336-407-5000 (email if you can help.

Keep Turning in Those Box Tops – We just need 25 per family!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in Box Tops!!  We are making progress!
If each family sends in just 25 Box Tops before the end of February we can reach our goal!
Our next submission deadline is March 1st.
Please send in all Box Tops before February 28th so they can be counted in the submission.

Thanks again for your participation!

Staff Appreciation Week – February 12 – 16

Hello Brockman Bear Parents!

We are changing things up a bit this year by moving Staff Appreciation Week to February. Our hope is to alleviate the busyness of the month of May, while still treating our staff. Please sign up at the link below to help out with morning duties, flower sales, and food donations for teacher breakfast all week long during the week of February 12-16.

Sign up here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to:
Jen Barnes – 803.920.9977
Patti Walker – 347.232.9861
Susan Kuhn – 803.608.4451

Flowers for Staff Appreciation Week – February 12 – 16

If your child(ren) is interested in buying a carnation for a teacher or staff member, please send $1/flower/staff,  or you can get 6 for $5, between Tuesday, Feb 13 and Thursday, Feb 15th in the cafeteria before school. Thank you!

Brockman PTO Positions

We need you Brockman parents! Are you ready to make a difference at Brockman? The PTO Executive Board needs to fill the following positions — VP for Fundraising, Secretary and Treasurer. If you are willing to fill any of these positions (or would like more information about the responsibilities), please email Ashley Lindler at Our goal is to have these positions filled and ready for election at our next PTO meeting on March 8th. Please consider volunteering your time and efforts.

Staff Appreciation

We’ll be celebrating Staff Appreciation Week during Valentine’s Week! Please click here to sign up to help out with morning duties, flower sales, and food donations for teacher breakfasts. We still need quite a bit of help with morning duties.

Also, if your child(ren) is interested in buying a carnation for a teacher or staff member, please send $1/flower/staff, or you can get 6 for $5, between Tuesday, Feb 13 and Thursday, Feb 15th in the cafeteria before school. Thank you!

FAB Arts Auction

The Annual FAB Arts Auction is scheduled for Friday, April 27th, at Rockbridge Swim & Tennis Club, and we need your help! We would like to challenge each family to try to support our arts programs in some way this year. Please spend two minutes thinking about your extended community — where you shop and who you do business with, and whether there is an opportunity for them to support our school. Think big and think outside the box! Questions? Interested in helping? Send a text message to Kirby Speas at 336-407-5000.

Playground Renovation Planning Underway

After learning about many needs with our 3 playgrounds from faculty and staff, the PTO Board and various members have been busy researching and assessing needs. Since the start of the year, we have visited a beautiful Montessori playground at James Simons Elementary in Charleston, had several discussions with various playground equipment vendors, visited Caughman Road and Carver Line playgrounds which have been recently upgraded by the district, met with our district playground manager, James Montgomery, and most importantly, surveyed teachers and staff for general feedback as well as recess cart needs, followed by discussion at a staff meeting. In order to meet some real immediate needs, we have made updating the recess carts a short-term goal for the year. We hope the new equipment will be in play before the end of February.

The teachers and staff have identified several big needs:

  • Primary – Their top wish is to expand the playground to include the neighboring field for more running space; they also want to rebuild and move the location of the raised beds so that we can have greater success of growing vegetation. They also want more shade.
  • Lower El – They desire a more natural playspace, removing the existing play structure to add climbing/balance equipment, and keeping the large field space with higher fencing so that balls are not continually lost to the parking lot. They want a storage shed, accessible irrigation and more natural vegetation. They also would like more shade.
  • Upper El – This is the most complicated to plan with the infrastructure of the amphitheatre and track. Students desire space for soccer and swings and materials for building forts. They want hammocks and a slack line. They greatly need new recess equipment, as the “blue bars” are dangerous exercise equipment. equipment.  It is noted it would be helpful to move basketball hoop back towards the gym wall to better use the space.

At this point, the board is moving forward with developing a vision that can be built in phases with a multi-year fundraising plan. As of yet, we do not have a budget determined. We do know that playground renovation is an expensive and intensive enterprise that will require utilization of many community resources, and plan to keep the Brockman Community informed throughout the process.

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